Our classes meet 8:30-3:30 Monday to Friday.  Children maintain a regular attendance schedule of full day or half day within both classes.  Both morning and afternoon schedules include the full activity selection including a 30 minute recess on our playground.

Classes are mixed ages of about 2.5 to 6 years. We seek to balance each class with the age spectrum, gender balance, and diversity that create a dynamic group for each teacher. Our goal for each family is to also have a consistent experience with one teacher across the time of enrollment for each child.

Schedules for Full Day or Half Day are available to all and we encourage each family to build a child’s school experience by building the schedule of attendance to match the child’s capacity to be busy and engaged in learning. Our goal for each class is to have a strong core group of children attending for the full week and for all children to attend Full Days by their final year.

The Montessori pedagogy expresses our belief that a child who is willingly engaged in an activity of personal choice does not tire from the work but is energized by this success.

Ongoing families may submit an application for additional siblings at anytime and will be guided on planning for a starting date. Siblings are often brought into different classrooms to enhance the individual expression and minimize sibling issues.

Students are admitted when the classes have openings, typically during the Summer sessions and at the beginning of the School Year in September. Whenever an opening becomes available during the school year, families who have applied are contacted for enrollment.