COOLPIX-NOV-07-408-200Children of many personalities and abilities thrive at Discovery Montessori School. We value a diverse student population as enrichment in the lives of all. The values that each family brings for raising the individual child build a community that values a dynamic education for all.  We are on a Heritage Journey to learn about each other and share our stories.

Students at Discovery...

  • Prosper by engaging personally in the experience with individual curiosity, creativity, and will power.
  • Show capacity for making responsible choices and working cooperatively with others.
  • Attend school on a consistent schedule that makes time for growth and learning and building social bonds of respect.

Families at Discovery...

  • Learn about & Support the Montessori approach to learning and the respectful atmosphere that benefits all members of the community.
  • Volunteer and participate at school to expand the learning experience and demonstrate positive engagement in school.
  • Communicate with the child's teacher and attend school events.

Teachers at Discovery...

  • Create a prepared learning environment and come to school personally prepared to engage the students in a positive learning experience.
  • Collaborate and brainstorm on the daily challenges and creative ideas that build our school team.
  • Endeavor to gain professional development that expands skills and contributes to the school program.