Dietary policy for restricted foods is updated to address current health care plans.  We have individual care plans for children with allergies and practice caution in foods served.

In response to the allergies reported for our current students we provide this policy.

The immediate impact of a nut exposure to an individual with nut allergy can be life threatening and require medical intervention or hospitalization.  The possibility of cross contamination among children and their food service environment means certain restrictions are necessary.

In recognition of the severe consequences of an allergen exposure to school children or family members with nut or seed allergies, we implement a plan to be a Nut Free School Site during all school programs and at all locations including off site School Events.

GENERAL SITEWIDE RESTRICTIONS – cannot be in our food service cycle at all !

  • Tree Nuts and Peanuts and all products containing traces of these are excluded from the school site and avoided in all food served to our students.


  • Sunflower Butter is a substitute we provide for the PB & J sandwiches. 

We do not restrict regarding foods that make a legal statement about the food processing environment – although we do substitute foods in these cases for children with severe allergies.

Eggs, Soy, Gluten and Dairy are other allergy items we screen for individuals in our SERVED FOODS.

So we need to know food content on all foods served to children in our program. This includes any birthday treat or other food brought from home.

The support of all school families and staff can make this a simple policy and relieve the worry of a possible nut or seed allergy contact.  Our steps in the policy will be simple and clear so it is easy for everyone and verifiable on our site. 

  • Elimination of any tree nut, peanut, or seed content in all foods brought to school.
  • Inclusion of all school families in awareness and support of this policy.
  • Supervision of the school snack menu, shopping list and labels on foods served.
  • Understanding in all school children of the conscious choice to protect our friends.

Please keep our policy handy and help us be effective in our planning and food service for lunches and snack foods.  Your understanding and support in providing a NUT FREE SCHOOL is greatly appreciated as we work to provide a safe & healthy environment for all students.

SNACK MENUS – Priorities are as follows:

  • Whole foods – meaning a minimum of ingredients and known origins
  • Diverse color and nutrition – providing variety of nutrients and benefits to health
  • Locally available foods easy to shop for and prepare
  • Educating children in food origins and healthy dietary choices